Graham Enos

I'm a PhD student in the Applied Mathematics Department at UNC Charlotte.

Contact Me

Email me at genos--at--uncc--dot--edu
For the Pythonically inclined, my email is (requires Python 2.x)
''.join(chr(n) for n in [116, 114, 97, 98, 102, 64, 104, 97, 112, 112, 46, 114, 113, 104]).encode("rot13")
Though as far as programming is concered, I'm getting more interested in functional languages like Haskell and Lisp; for example,
((lambda (x) (abs (/ (log x) (sqrt x)))) -1.0d0)
is a very special number.

Attached here is the OpenPGP public key I have set up with my UNCC email (NOTE: this key is set to expire 01/10/2013). I use GPG.