Julia Robinson Math and Computing Festival at UNC Charlotte  



The Julia Robinson Math and Computing Festival Day is a celebration of mathematics designed for middle school girls only. On Saturday, March 29, 2014, the math club Pi Mu Epsilon, the Charlotte Mathematics Club, UNC Charlotte College of Information Technology, Vanguard,  and the UNCC Math Dept. will collaborate in hosting the JRMCF. This is the fourth year of the Festival.


The organizers envision UNC Charlotte students (graduate students and undergraduates), high school members of the Charlotte Math Club and local teachers manning activity tables, each with a single activity.


In November, problems will be available for each of grades six through eight. Each participating teacher will distribute the appropriate ones to some of their students, and will later get to name a prize winner among the participating females. Prizes provided by desJardins/Blackman Foundation through the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM).


The idea is that students will earn tickets for solving problems (perhaps just for trying hard) which they can use at the end of the day in a drawing for prizes. For example, there will be a Kenken table. Already we have prizes donated by Women and Mathematics Education and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Talent Development with promises of donations from UNC Charlotte, American Math Society (AMS), MathMovesU, and Mathematical Association of America (MAA).


We expect to host a distinguished speaker that day. We hope you will enjoy her/his presentation. You can get an idea of what a JRMF day is like be browsing http://www.msri.org/specials/festival


For 2014, we have three sets of problems for teachers and participants. We start with a set of seven problems that range from  fairly routine to very challenging, then some puzzles that new on the scene called Combonoku, and finally a set of 3 No-Op KenKen puzzles.


Prize Problems for 2013 are:

6th grade prize problems



7th grade prize problems



8th grade prize problems


Here's the entire set of problems.            

Here are a few more KenKen challenges



Prize Problems from 2010, 2011 and 2012 are available here.