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           MATH 3689  

 Senior Project Information

All students are required to complete a one-credit-hour independent study course during their senior year. The student works under the direction of a departmental faculty member and presents the results of his or her work, orally and in a written report.
First contacts:  
Dr. Franz Rothe       Fretwell 345D     
Dr. Kim Harris

You are free to choose yourself the professor with whom to do the senior project. You may either 

 choose the topic yourself and find a suitable professor ;

 go to any professor you prefer and let him suggest a topic; 

 choose the topic you like from the list of recent suggestions from faculty and contact the relevant professor;

 choose a suitable topic from  "The Search for certainty" and find a suitable professor; 

 choose any topic from the book "Journey to Genius" and find a suitable professor.

This process should be finished in a timely manner during the first two weeks of the semester.
Let me know, as early as possible with whom you are working, and what the topic you have chosen.    

Send an email with this information to:

I will not give a grade of Incomplete just because you did not begin work on your project          in a timely manner.

Look through the relevant information:

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