Davidson Institute Seminar, offered in 2012                      

Introduction  to Kenken

Day 1: Day 1 reading  Problem  Solution

Day 2: Day 2 reading  Problem  Solution

Day 3: Day 3 reading  Problem  Solution

Day 4: Day 4 reading  Problem  Solution

Day 5: Day 5 reading  Problem  Solution

 Here's the Davidson Young Scholars seminar I offered in April 2013 called Intermediate KenKen.

Introduction to Intermediate KenKen

Day 1:  Introduction to Global Thinking

Day 2: More Global Thinking

Day 3: No Op puzzles

Day 4:   Building your own puzzles.

And here is a puzzle from one of the student, Kimberly CR

Day 5: Special Challenges including Prime KenKen

And here is the  Davidson Young Scholars seminar I offered in February 2015 called KenKen and Modular Arithmetic. Solutions to be provided later or upon request.

Day1 Getting Started

Day2 Introduction to Mod 7 Arithmetic

Day 3 The Partial Ordering of KenKens

    Here are the two papers on modular arithemtic listed for those who want to learn even more about this topic.  Introduction to Modular Arithmetic and The Arithmetic of Remainders

Day 4 Building your own mod 5 KenKen

Day 5 Building your own  mod 6 KenKen