Frequently Asked Questions


What do I have to do to join?
Just show up.

Are there any dues?
No, the program is free to all students in Mecklenburg and nearby Counties in grades four through six.

Can I help by bringing refreshments?
Yes, an offer to bring juice or cookies is greatly appreciated. Contact Elizabeth or Chris. 

What if my son or daughter canít make it to a meeting?
Thatís okay Ė come as often as you can. If your son or daughter is very serious about the Olympiad (MOEMS), it is possible that arrangements can be made to make up a missed contest.

May I bring an interested third grader?
Itís definitely possible. Call Elizabeth or Chris to discuss your particular situation.

What do you do at MMC?
We take the MOEMS. We work on interesting problems and problem solving techniques, sometimes in small groups and sometimes in a lecture format.

Can my child do MOEMS at MMC and also at his school?
The short answer is No. If your childís school participates, your childís score must count toward the school score. Students cannot participate more than once in each monthís contest.However, if a child has already taken MOEMS at his school, we will find some problems for him to work on while the others are taking the contest.

Do students enjoy it?
Many children who enjoy doing mathematics love coming to MMC. An added benefit is that students make great strides in their problem solving abilities. We prefer that parents not coerce their child into participating.