Harold Reiter

Professor of Mathematics 
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
Office: Fretwell 345A
Office Hours for Fall 2006:
Mondays and Wednesday mornings, 8:30-10:30 and by appointment

Telephone: (704)-364-5699 home
          (704) 687-4561 office
FAX: (704) 687-6415
Electronic Mail: hbreiter@uncc.edu

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Other Current Activities


American Mathematics Competitions

         North Carolina AHSME home page.

         American Mathematics Competitions at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

         For a paper by about the history of the American High School
Mathematics Exam and the new (February, 2000) AMC 10, see
The American High School Mathematics Examination: A 50 year Retrospective
The following exams were produced by the AHSME committee during the years 1994-2000 of my chairmanship.

o        The 50th Anniversary AHSME consisting of one problem from each of the first 50 years of the exam.

o        A sample of the AMC 10 contest that started February 2000.

o        The 1995 AHSME and The 1995 AHSME Solutions

o        The 1996 AHSME and The 1996 AHSME Solutions

o        The 1997 AHSME and The 1997 AHSME Solutions

o        The 1998 AHSME and The 1998 AHSME Solutions

o        The 1999 AHSME and The 1999 AHSME Solutions

o        The 2000 AMC10 and The 2000 AMC10 Solutions

o        The 2000 AMC12 and The 2000 AMC12 Solutions

o        The 2001 AMC12 and The 2001 AMC12 Solutions

o        The 2001 AMC10 and The 2001 AMC10 Solutions

         My wife Betty and I enjoyed very much our work on the IMO2001 Local Arrangements Committee. See IMO 2001 hosted by the United States July 1 to July 14 in Washington DC and at George Mason University.

Mathematical Things to do

         Problems by Nick Hobson.

         A great website for learning mathematics and mathematical humor

         Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

         Mathmania Tour

         Natural Math

         A great way to learn trigonometry


         Kevin Brown's great website of mathematical papers MathPages

         Daniel Scher's Java Sketchpad Page

         John Rausch's website

         Harold Reiter's Summer Ventures In Science and Mathematics- Combinatorial Games

         David Levine's site for Game Theory

         Jeff Erickson's Games Website

         David Eppstein's Combinatorial Game Theory

         Websites for Combinatorial Games Combinatorial Games Page

         Roger A. McCain's Strategy and Conflict: An Introductory Sketch of Game Theory

         Martin J. Osborne's What Is Game Theory?

         Does .999...=1?

         Can you figure out how this works? Fido Challenge.

         Can you figure out how this works? The Mind Reading Crystal Ball.

Websites of Mathematical Organizations

         I highly recommend The Art of Problem Solving

         The Mathematical Association of America

         The American Math Society's E-math

         For an index of US Universities University Home Pages

         The World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions for mathematicians who use mathematical problems and challenges to stimulate learning at the pre-college level.

         NRich from the UK has some great problems for middle and elementary students.

         Siam’s page for undergraduate opportunities.

         The North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCCTM

         The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTM

Websites of Mathematical Interest to Students and Teachers

         I highly recommend The Art of Problem Solving including the online courses.

         Stanley Rabinowitz's MathPro Press has an incredible index of published problems.

         United Kingdom Mathematics Trust

         Simon Singh's Website is full of interesting mathematical ideas.

         A great site for high school and undergraduate level problems by Nick Hobson.

         National High School Two-year Honor Society Mu Alpha Theta.

         The Mathematics Forum at Swarthmore

         At UNC Charlotte, I directed and taught in the program Summer Ventures in Science and Math, a state (of NC) funded four week residential program for high school juniors and seniors.

         Mathematics On Stamps, Philamath

         Jim Kuzmanovich's Math and Mathematicians on Stamps

         The North Carolina SDPI math website and calendar of events

         The US Department of Education's list of Math related web sites

         The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics is a two year residential magnet high school for science and mathematics.

         Canadian Mathematical Society's KaBoL

         Financial Aid Information for college students.

         Index to Mathematicians Biographies

         Mega Mathematics

         Letter to parents of home-schooled kids by Vicky Kaseorg.

Websites with Mathematical Problems

         I highly recommend The Art of Problem Solving including the online courses.

         Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas by Antonio Gutierrez. This is a lovely award-winning website.

         National High School and Two-year College Honor Society Mu Alpha Theta.

         The UNCC Math Contest. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can see each of the past seven years contest problems. The entire database of problems is available. See EducAide Software web site.

         Math Competitions Archive is a great network of Olympiad and Putnam problems, maintained by Kiran Kedlaya

         A great site for high school and undergraduate level problems by Nick Hobson.

         Results and Problems from recent International Math Olympiads

         The Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest Competitions Archive has problems and solutions for most of its years of existence.

         Results and Problems from recent South African Mathematics Olympiad

         John Scholes' Problems Website including university problems from the Putnam, IMO, and Eotvos competitions

         You can access my problems published in the Sunday (London) Times Problems

         International Math Talent Search

         Wisconsin Math Talent Search contains problems from the WMTS program.

         Great Plains Math League contains problems from the GPML program.

         For more problem sites see Math contests for high school and pre-high school students below.

Websites with Mathematical Problems for younger problem solvers

         University of Delaware program for students in grades 4 to 8.

         Math Stories for Children

         Word Problems at Francis Xavier University in Canada has a very interesting collection of word problems for grades 5-12.

         International Math Talent Search contains problems from the IMTS program.

         MathCounts for students in grades 7 and 8.

         MathPath for students in grades 6 through 8.

         Math Olympiad for Elementary Schools for students in grades 4-6.

         Brain twisters - interactive tutorial K-12.

         Brain Teasers - grades 3-8.

         Mastery of skills - games - strategy building

         Cyber challenge - daily brains - grades 3-8.

         Hot topics - ex. Math Olympics activities and materials - membership information.

         Problem of the Week - interactive - help pages - all topics.

         "Mudd Math Fun Facts" - enrichment - upper elementary plus.

Websites of Recommended Periodicals for High School and College Students

         New Electronic Mathematics Journal for Undergraduates.

         Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Journal for Undergraduates.

         Quantum Magazine A wonderful magazine for high school and college students with an interest in mathematics.

         Imagine Magazine for gifted students is published at  Johns Hopkins.

         Furman University's Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics

         Crux's Mathematical Mayhem

         Mathematics and Informatics Quarterly

Math and Science Competitions for high school and pre-high school students.

         Here's a short introduction to contests around the world.

         American Mathematics Competitions   for students in grades 6-12

         MathCounts for students in grades 7 and 8

         Math Olympiad for Elementary Schools for students in grades 4-7

         Tournament of Towns for high school and advanced middle school students. These are gorgeous problems.

         Mandlebrot for high school students

         American Regions Mathematics League for high school students

         USA Math Talent Search for high school students

         The UNCC SuperCompetition, which includes the

         The UNCC Math Contest. The entire database of problems is available. See EducAide Software web site. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can see each of the past four years contest problems

         Math Science Weekend at the College of Charleston

         The Furman University Math Tournament Website

         The State (of NC) High School Math Contest

         The University of Queensland Math Competitions

         Youngstown State University Problem Solving Sessions

         Western (NC) Runoff Contests at the UNC Asheville

         Wisconsin Mathematical Talent Search

         International Competitions


         For a great network of Olympiad and Putnam problems, maintained by Kiran Kedlaya Math Competitions Archive

         The State (of NC) Competition Newsletter

         The International Tournament of Towns

         The Clay Mathematical Institute

         Promath at University of Kentucky

         Odyssey of the Mind

         Quiz Bowl

Math and Science Competitions Scholarship Opportunities for High School Students.

         Intel (formerly Westinghouse) Science Talent Search and

         The new Westinghouse Science Talent Search sponsored by Siemens Foundation

         The Davidson Foundation sponsors the Davidson Fellows Program recognizing extraordinary talent development

         The Clay Mathematics Institute Olympiad Scholar Program and Clay Research Academy

Summer Opportunities for Pre-College Students

         Science Services Student and Teacher Program Index

         American Math Society Index to Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Programs

         Summer Math Camps and Programs for High School Students

         Summer Ventures in Science and Math is a state (of NC) funded four week
residential program for high school juniors and seniors.

         The Johns Hopkins CTY and SET programs

         United States of America Mathematical Olympiad(USAMO)

         Anders Kaseorg's unofficial Moppers Website

         Duke University's TIP program

         Boston University's highly acclaimed Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists PROMYS

         The Arnold Ross Summer Program at Ohio State

         Hampshire College Summer Program HCSSIM

         Math Camp

         The Research Science Institute RSI

         The United States Computing Olympiad USACO

         The International Physics Olympiad IPO

         The International Chemistry Olympiad ICO

         Lots of great ideas at SIAM

         The Northwestern University CTD program

         The Earthwatch Institute

         Oxbridge Academic Programs Quest Scholars Program at Harvard and

         The Quest Scholars Program at Stanford.

Opportunities for College Students


         Pi Mu Epsilon

         Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. This is a semester- or year-long program for college students.


         Summer program for women at George Washington University.

         The Carleton/St. Olaf Colleges Summer Mathematics Program for Women

Websites of Philatelic Interest

         CHARPEX, The annual Stamp Expo sponsored by my club the Charlotte Philatelic Society and the Fortnightly Collecting Club

         American Philatelic Society website

         Todd Uebele's

         Charlotte Philatelic Society

         Downeast Stamps, Bangor Maine.


         Mathematical Study Unit, Philamath

         Jim Kuzmanovich's Math on Stamps

         On-Line Auctions

         Linn's Stamp News

         Robert Siegel Auctions

         Stamps OnLine

         Net Stamps

         Internet Auctions

         Eric Jackson's Revenues

         Stamp Albums.Com

         US Bureau of Engraving and Printing

         Ken Barr's Souvenir Card List

         Greg Manning's Home Page

         Philatelic Books

         Andrew Levitt's website

         Stamp Prof.

         About Collecting

         Excite's Philatelic websites

         US Stamp SocietyPhilatelic.COM

         UPU Website



         zillionsofstamps.com zillionsofstamps

         A great site hosted by Charlottean Dick Sine

         Country Collections, which has a great glossery, http://glossary.usstamps.org/

Newspapers and other web sites of general interest

         USA TodayWashington Post

         New York Times

         Charlotte Observer


General Information about me

         I'm very proud of my daughter Ashley Reiter Ahlin who received her PhD. at University of Chicago in June 2002 working in the area of Geometric Algebra. She lives in Nashville near Vanderbilt University where her husband Chris is an assistant professor of Economics. I maintain a list of articles by and about Ashley at http://www.math.uncc.edu/~hbreiter/ashley.htm

         Check out my grandson John Christian Ahlin at John Ahlin I have another grandson, Peter Rigsbee Ahlin, born June 24, 2006.

         For a picture of another PhD. at the Reiter's, click here. She's the fourth from the left. Hint: this picture is 50+ years old.

         To see an extensive vita, click here

         Schools I've attended:

         C.E. Byrd High, Shreveport, LA, 1960;

         Louisiana State University, BS., Mathematics, 1964;

         Clemson University, MS., Mathematics, 1965;

         University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1965-1966;

         Clemson University, Ph.D., Mathematics, 1969.

         My Erdos number Erdos, Istvan Vincze, George Csordas, me.

         Courses Taught at UNCC:

         Favorites: Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Discrete Structures;

         Commonly taught courses: Calculus I, Calculus II, Business Calculus, College Algebra;

         Summer Ventures in Science and Math: Combinatorial Games;

         Summer Workshop in Discrete Math for Teachers

         Research Interests

         Combinatorial Games;

         Mathematics Education,

         The use of problems and challenges to stimulate mathematics learning.

         To get in touch with me. ..
Harold B. Reiter
Department of Mathematics
Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223
Phone: 704-687-4561, home: 704-364-5699
Fax: 704-687-6415
email: hbreiter@uncc.edu

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